UPDATE on the Bright MLS conversion:

Regarding third party sites: Bright ontinues to work on data in the backend to get data to appear on these sites. New listings and listing updates are processing, as well as photo sort order corrections.

Zillow is now saying that it will begin using the Bright data feed, potentially by the end of the day (11/3). As before, it may take some time for listings and then photos to appear there.

Sketches reversed has been corrected.

In order to make it easier for users to search for particular types of properties, the following searches had these fields added to the default search screen:

* Residential Sale – added Levels / Stories
* Residential Lease – added Structure Type and Levels / Stories
* Multi-Family – added Structure Type and Levels / Stories
* Farms – added Type, Architectural Style, Structure Type and Levels / Stories

Multi-Family – the following fields were missing and have been added:

* Units
* Exterior Amenities
* Metering
* Tenant Pays:
* Owner Pays:

Photos have been imported on closed listings back to 2012.

York tax maps are now available.

Bedroom and bathroom data that was missing has been backfilled for all listings.

Single family type data that was missing has been filled on applicable listings.

Bright reprocessed geocodes for listings from 2012-present. They to hone this geocoding program to get better results and remove more listings from the Kingsdale area cluster.

Bright continues to find and address field level issues specifically related to local geography and features, such as:

The following cities that cross county lines have been ADDED to the following counties so they can be properly entered and searched:

* Liverpool, under Juniata County
* Palmyra, under Dauphin County
* Elizabethtown, under Dauphin County
* Annville, under Dauphin County
* Camp Hill, under York County
* Shippensburg, under Cumberland County
* New Cumberland, under York County

Hempfield Area/Hempfield School District – Most listings now show appropriately in Hempfield (Lancaster); a few more need to be cleaned up.