Board of Directors — Call for Nominations


Application deadline is August 12
Do you consider yourself a leader? Are you interested in how the Association operates? Do you want a hand in shaping the future of the Association? If so, please consider running for the Association’s Board of Directors.

  • Directors must be a member with a minimum of 2 years membership in the Association to be eligible to hold a Director position.
  • Directors cannot be elected to serve more than 2 successive terms.
  • No more than two (2) REALTORS® from the same real estate firm may serve on the Board of Directors at any one time.
  • If election results would otherwise cause this number to be exceeded, the candidates to be installed as Directors from that firm would be determined by the number of votes received by each candidate.
  • In the event a Director transfers from one real estate firm to another so that this limitation is exceeded, the transferring Director shall be removed from the Board of Directors and the resulting vacancy filled pursuant to the Association’s Bylaws.

At the Annual Meeting and Trade Fair on October 11, the membership will be electing 6 members to serve on the Board of Directors. Deadline to apply is August 12. The application form is available by calling the Association at 364-3200 or by emailing Cindy Cuddeford at or Kathy Ludwig at