Federal Government

GHAR’s three-county area is served by four Congressman and Pennsylvania’s two Senators. Click on each legislators’ name to visit their website. Check out the National Association of REALTORS® government affairs priorities at the NAR website.

US Congressmen

(Name, Party, District, County, Term Expires)

Lou Barletta (R), 11, Cumberland (part), Dauphin (part), and Perry (part), 2018

Scott Perry (R), 4, Cumberland (part) and Dauphin (part), 2018

Charlie Dent (R), 15, Dauphin (part), 2018

Tom Marino (R), 10, Perry (part), 2018


Click here to visit the US House of Representatives website.


US Senators

(Name, Party, Term Expires)

Robert P. Casey (D), 2018

Pat Toomey (R), 2022

Click here to visit the US Senate website.