Value of Membership – July

GHAR postcard 7

Your REALTOR® Associations allow you to work together with fellow professionals to communicate important real estate information to the public, elected officials, and other decision-makers.

From publishing monthly and quarterly housing market data and information for consumers and REALTORS®, to providing vehicles for REALTORS® to easily contact their elected officials about real estate issues, to providing opportunities for REALTORS® to volunteer to work with other professionals on Association and industry issues, your REALTOR® Associations work to ensure that you are united with fellow REALTORS® to have the greatest impact on the public, elected officials, and your profession.

Your REALTOR® Associations – organizations working for you and your clients.

This “Value of Membership” is part seven in a 12 part series. Please check the GHAR website each month for a different “Value of Membership” message. For more information, please contact GHAR at (717) 364-3200.