Broker Licensure

In order to become licensed as a broker in Pennsylvania, a real estate licensee must meet both education and experience requirements. See below for more details.

Broker Experience Requirements

Must provide a minimum of 3 years of real estate experience by documenting 200 points using the following point system:

(1) Sale (Commercial or Residential)  – 5 points;

(2) Exclusive listing which sold (Commercial or Residential) – 5 points;

(3) Unsold exclusive listing (Commercial or Residential) – 1 point;

(4) Lease (Commercial) – 5 points;

(5) Lease (Residential) – 1 point;

(6) Property Management Assistance (Commercial or Residential) – 6 points/month.

For additional information on Broker Applicant experience requirements, please visit the PA State Real Estate Commission website at:

State Exam

Once a broker candidate has successfully completed the education and experience requirements, they are eligible to sit for the Pennsylvania Broker License Exam. To sit for the exam,

  1. Complete and mail the Broker Examination Eligibility Application, to the State Real Estate Commission.  The cost is $40.
  2. The Real Estate Commission will contact you with the approval, and send the instructions for taking the state exam. This exam is administered by PSI Examination Services. For more information, click here.
  3. Once you pass the state exam, PSI will give you the required forms to submit to the Real Estate Commission to obtain your license.