Dispute Resolution Services

Although the vast majority of real estate transactions close without incident, the possibility that a problem or dispute will occur cannot be eliminated. Generally, these difficulties are successfully resolved through normal channels of communication and negotiation. Occasionally, a dispute arises which cannot be resolved.

An alternative to litigation is available – Mediation – through the Greater Harrisburg Association of REALTORS® Real Estate Dispute Resolution System. Mediation is a method of resolving disputes by which the disputing parties try to reach a mutual agreement with the aid of an impartial, trained, professional mediator. The mediator has no authority to render an opinion or bind the parties to his/her decision, but rather assists the parties in defining the matters in dispute and in reaching an ultimate, mutually agreeable solution.

Please read the information at the link below prior to completing the mediation forms. The Request to Initiate Mediation Form, Mediator Form and $75 must all be received in order to start the process.

To view the Facts About Mediation Information Sheet, click here.

To obtain a copy of the Request to Initiate Mediation form, click here.

To obtain a copy of the List of Approved Mediators Form, click here.